Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Using Colors in Web Design to Increase Conversions

Websites can be created to serve any kind of purpose; from trying to increase the sales for your business to create a tight-knit fan group for a movie. If you can think it, it’s quite likely that you can make a website about it. What purpose your website serves is entirely up to you, but if you need conversions, you need to follow some guidelines.

Site conversions and the power of colors

A conversion is when a site visitor responds to a “call to action”. Filling a form, signing up for a newsletter, providing contact details are all examples of conversion. And, in today’s e-commerce age, the ultimate form of conversion is when a site visitor transfers funds for some product or service.

There are tons and tons of guidelines available on the internet that you can use on your website in order to increase conversions. But, according to experts view almost all of the guidelines ignore one key aspect; the importance of color in web design.

Colors have a strong psychological effect on site visitors. Each color conveys a different kind of message and understanding this will allow you to use colors to your advantage and seal-the-deal when it comes to turning a site visitor into a customer.

Web design like all the other artistic field requires proper color balance and innovation. It needs to reflect your brand and resonate with your audience properly. Otherwise, things will not work the way you want. For example, a kids site should have bright and vibrant colors. A business that serves female audience mostly must have finish effect. Same goes for corporate websites. It must have serious colors such as blue instead of pink etc.

Color in Web Design Guidelines

So, without further ado, here are the guidelines that are followed by a major web design company in Islamabad, that you should always stick to when deciding which color to use on a particular web page:

  • Using the Color Blue: It’s no coincidence that most finance-related and social media websites rely on the color Blue. Several psychological studies have shown that using blue in web design conveys a sense of security and trust. This explains why banks love blue so much.
  • Using the Color Black: When it comes to using Black, most regions, religions, and cultures link it with sadness and gloominess. But, it can also be used to convey a sense of glamour and “premium-ness”. This is why brands use a lot of black in their advertisements.
  • Using the Color White: White can help you convey a sense of purity and also, hygiene and cleanliness. Now you know why hospitals use white and most businesses use a white background on their websites.
  • Using the Color Green: Other than being used interchangeably with money, Green can also be used in matters related to environment and conservation. In fact, green has become so popular that a lot of NGOs have started using it as well.
  • Using the Color Red: Red is the color of intensity and rush. Whether it is rage, love, jealousy or danger, red can handle it all. Moreover, because red conveys a feeling of rush, almost all businesses and brands like to print the word “Sale!” in red. It forces the reader to rush to the store!
  • Using the Color Yellow: If it’s optimism and warmth that you wish to convey, yellow is the color to use. But, always remember, yellow is the first color human eye picks up and that is exactly why yellow should never be used in excess. Excess yellow will drown the whole web design and turn visitors away from your website.
  • Using the Color Orange: Orange is the combination or red and yellow and hence, conveys warmth and urgency simultaneously. This is the color to use when you want to push the reader towards something. Orange is also used by a lot of applications when displaying warnings or errors.


These guidelines will help you keep things nice, simple and direct. But if you want to get a little sophisticated, go ahead and try mixing some of these colors together. The effects will automatically carry over. If you get it right, you will definitely increase the turnover ratio of clients to your site.