Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How to Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 Efficiently

User Query 1: “Hello friends. I have a bunch of IMAP OST file in my system and I am in need to move those files in Outlook version 2016. The OST files belong to some other accounts, which means that they are literally orphan in my system. I have never worked with IMAP OST files and do not have much idea about it. Please tell me how to move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 as this is an urgent official matter. Any manual or automated solution will do for me. Hope you people can help me in this regard.”

User Query 2: “Though I use Outlook 2016 now, I have some IMAP OST files with me that contain some important Gmail data. Now the problem is, those files have become corrupt due to malware attack. But I am in an urgent need to move those data to an Outlook 2016 account. I have tried some software programs but all of those failed to export corrupt OST files. Tell me how can I remove corruption and import IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016?”

Are you also looking for a way to migrate IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016? Do not worry, as this post will tell you how to perform this migration without any hassle. IMAP OST file usually contains data of email account connected to IMAP Server. If users need to transfer the OST file items in Outlook, they have to convert the OST file into PST. The reason is that OST files do not work on any other system other than the computer where it has been created. So, we can see that the OST to PST conversion is the key to this file transfer process. Continue reading this post to know how you can get done with this file migration.

Different Methods to Import IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016:

If users are interested to move IMAP OST file in Outlook 2016, they have got two different options for them. Either they can choose the manual method, or they can go for the alternative solution which is also a reliable one. In this part, we will discuss both the solutions in detail. Users can choose whichever technique they prefer as per their need. 

Know How To Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 By Using Expert Solution

It is evident that users have to convert OST file into PST format before moving in Outlook 2016. Now, for this conversion, the most prominent method is OST to PST Converter. Using this application, you can export your old IMAP OST file data in a new PST file. Since this utility works in case of Exchange connected IMAP OST as well as orphan and corrupt OST files, anyone can choose this software without any worries. Here is how you can convert IMAP OST file into PST using this tool:

1. Launch the tool and add OST file from your system. If you do not know the location of OST file, simply choose Search File option and let the application search for the file.

2. If the OST file is corrupt, you can select Advanced mode scanning.

3. The software will display complete items of OST file including the deleted ones. Users can select the files they need or they can choose to convert the whole OST file.

4. Choose PST as your target format and determine the location of saving the PST file. The software will convert the IMAP OST easily.

Manual Method to Export IMAP OST File into PST Format

If users want to stick to the native process, they can manually export the IMAP OST file data of an Exchange connected Outlook into PST file. They can follow the native options provided by the Exchange Outlook and extract the data in a separate PST file. However, this process is not feasible in case of orphan OST file and corrupt OST file.

How to Move the Converted PST File in Outlook 2016

After the OST file has been converted into PST, it is time to move it to Outlook 2016.

1. Start Outlook 2016. Click on File option>> Open and Export>> Import/Export.
2. Click Import from another program or file>>  Outlook Data File (.PST) in Import and Export Wizard.
3. Choose the PST file and get done with rest of the process. The PST file will get imported in Outlook 2016.


For different reasons, users need to how to move IMAP OST file to Outlook 2016. Since the OST file will not work in any other computer, we need to convert the file into PST before starting the migration. There are two different ways to convert OST to PST. The first method is to use OST to PST Converter and another one is to perform manual conversion. Since the application is suitable for converting all kinds of OST file, it is called the perfect choice for the professionals. After the conversion, users can effortlessly import Imap OST file to Outlook easily.