Monday, January 14, 2019

Health Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Headset

It has been over a decade since the launch of the Bluetooth headsets in the market. However, there are still a few people who are reluctant in using them. Many avoid Bluetooth headsets due to the look and many got a doubt in their mind about the safety of their health and thus prefer the usual headsets over a Bluetooth headset.

So, the big question is: - Are the Bluetooth Headset Safe for Your Health? It is very natural to worry about any kind of new technology until we get proper proof or reliable information about the same. So let’s find out about the effects of the Bluetooth headsets on our health.

How Bluetooth Headset Effects Our Health

It is obvious to worry about the new technology and that is also which needs to be used near the brain. There is a lot of buzz about the adverse effect of the radiation caused by the cell phone. However, it is proved that the cell phone generates high-frequency radiation but its effects are not yet proved.

Extensive studies still couldn’t prove the effects of the radiations caused by the cell phone. However, it is obvious that the cell phone generates a kind of radiations to get the signal from the towers. More research is going on and people are now avoiding their children to use cell phones. 

So, what is it all with the Bluetooth headset? Well, the Bluetooth headsets are the accessories of the mobile phone only. 

To receive the required signals, a mobile phone needs to attract signals from towers which may be kilometers away. Whereas, a Bluetooth needs to get connected with the handset which may be a foot or two away.

Thus, it is obvious that the cell phone generates a higher amount of radiations in comparison to the Bluetooth headsets. 

It has also been suggested by many researchers to use a headset instead of using the phone directly. Using the speakerphone or hands-free device’s like the headsets cordless or with corded one is the best alternative to avoid the RF waves to reach the head.

So, if you have any kind of doubt about the safety of the Bluetooth headsets, then be rest assured that it is the best alternative to avoid the ill effects of using a cell phone. It is not possible in today’s life to avoid a mobile, but we can reduce the effects by using the best alternatives like a Bluetooth headset.