Monday, April 1, 2019

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Although India is experiencing rapid economic growth, larger chunks of the country still remain impoverished and not able to get the basic necessities. More than half of the masses have limited access to clean drinking water, sanitation and housing resulting in severe health issues other than challenges with women education and rights, etc.

Volunteer programs in India are mostly located in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or rural parts of cities like Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. A Volunteer in India can help people to gain access to better education, human rights, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Program Types

 Based on the skill set one has, the suitable sector to work is decided.

Environment conservation

The pace with which the population of the country is growing, factors like damage to many natural resources, usage of plastic, chemical pesticides, cutting of forests, decreasing level of air quality have become some of the major threats raising environmental concerns. Numerous projects are offered to volunteers to help promote Sustainable farming, Reforestation, Renewable energy, Wildlife conservation.


 Having a polarized healthcare system the rich natives can afford to have the best of health services or even world-class treatment. On the other hand, the poor, underprivileged inhabitants have no access to basic medical facilities. India is becoming a hub to HIV & AIDS patients in the highest amount in the world too. A volunteer can help create social awareness about the diseases, causes, and symptoms and can work in HIV clinics and hospitals for similar other purposes and gain experience.


A large number of children have deprived of basic education especially the girl child because of social unawareness and social issues. You can help to promote education, its importance in the overall development of a child; can work in primary or secondary schools, teaching basic subjects, meeting parents educating them about the importance of education.

Gender Equality

The societal status of women is sadly low. They fall prey to social, emotional and sexual abuse and are still thought of as a weaker section in male dominating society. Many NGO’s have been set up who require volunteers to help make a change and create gender equality.

Pay and expenses

You are generally not paid for your time as a volunteer but may get money to manage expenditure related to food, travel, drink or equipments or devices needed.

Facts to know

• Minimum age - 16 +
• Duration- few weeks to 1 year or plus
• Certificate- after completion of program it is offered
• Currency used- INR
• Language- Hindi & English

So, if you are seriously looking for such organisations in India, Volunteering Solutions can be the one to provide you with volunteering, internship and travelling offering the programs all year round along with certification after its completion.

Volunteering solutions offers numerous programs like childcare & elephant volunteer experience, yoga and volunteer adventure, orphanage , childcare, street children program, medical and nursing, dental elective program, women empowerment, teaching, special needs care program and many more.